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Божидара Симеонова - Светът ни очаква

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Verse 1:
We rush into the life
Believing this world’s been made for us
The spring mood’s erupting
In our united joyful class
The emotions drive us crazy
The exams are a child’s play for us
Why we gotta be afraid?
The lessons are easy in our joint class

The world is waiting for us
We’re searching for emotions
And it’s easy to breathe now
Come on, friend
The world is waiting for us
The life is our game

Verse 2:
That’s the way we live
Our days are running
In studying, crazing, playing
Our life is funny, my friend
Smile and choose the luck
We throw our notebooks, the bell is ringing
We’re leaving the very last class
We enter the life bravely
Continuing the game with passion

Chorus: …

We successfully finished the great grinder
No more “mommy, daddy” from this time onward
What we’re gonna do now – studying, working?
We know the world will be so cool for us
No more teachers, exams, no more tests and lessons
We’re jumping straight into the party
We shoulder our lives with total power
We must stay in our dear country!

Chorus: … (x2)
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