Alive-Feyre end Rhysand (ACOTAR)

May 25, 2018 21:36
Fayre Archeron
Who are you? Land of nightmares. Why am I not screaming? Thought I saw , something kind there. And I swear I'm not dreaming.
Prisoner. You are. I am. Here in this war. Come take my hand.
Bring me back to life. End this darkness inside. I want to feel alive.
Eyes lit with star-kiss fire. A touch taking me higher. I want to feel alive.
Who are we? Friends or rivals? Falling under your spell.
What lies behind, your smiles? Oh, you wear them so well.
I could learn
To be
To trust
But the fire I was. Has burned to dust.
Trapped and running in circles
Then you release me
Again I am free
Oh, again
Take my hand and we'll rise
Bring me back to life
End this darkness inside
I want to feel alive
Eyes lit with star-kissed fire
A touch taking me higher
I want to feel alive
You bring me back to life
You make me feel alive
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