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2.0 Boys

25 To Life     Има превод

3 A.M.     Има превод

3 Verses



50 Ways

8 Mile

8 Mile Road

97' Bonnie & Clyde     Има превод

A Drop In The Ocean     Има превод

A Kiss

Adrenaline Rush

Airplanes (Part II)     Има превод

Airplanes (Part II) Текст и превод     Има превод

All She Wrote

Almost Famous     Има превод

American Psycho Lyrics


Anthem Of The Kings

Any Man

Armageddon (Benzino и The Source DISS)

As the World Turns

Ass Like That     Има превод

Ass Like That     Има превод



Atlanta On Fire



Bad Guy (MMLP2) Текст и превод     Има превод

Bad Guys Always Die

Bad Influence

Bad Influence ( from End of the days OST )

Bad Meets Evil

Bagpipes from Bagdad

Ballin' Uncontrollably

Beautiful     Има превод

Beautiful Pain     Има превод

Berzerk     Има превод

Best Friend Текст и превод     Има превод

Big Weenie     Има превод

Bitch Please II


Black Cotton

Brain Damage     Има превод


Buffalo Bill

Bully     Има превод

Bump Heads


By my side

C'mon let me ride     Има превод

Calm Down

Can I Bitch

Careful What You Wish For     Има превод



Cinderella Man     Има превод

Cleanin' Out My Closet     Има превод

Cocaine     Има превод

Cold Wind Blows     Има превод

Come On In

Crack a bottle

Crackers 'n Cheese

Crazy in Love     Има превод



Cum on Everybody

Cure     Има превод

Curtains Up

Dead Space     Има превод

Defence Lyrics

Deja Vu     Има превод



Detroit Vs. Everybody

Detroit Vs. Everybody

Die Alone     Има превод

Die Hard     Има превод

Died in your arms     Има превод

Difficult     Има превод

Doe Ray Me

Don't Approach Me     Има превод

Don't go to sleep

Don't Push Me



Drop the bomb on 'em

Drop the world     Има превод

Drug Ballad

Earthquake     Има превод




Encore/Curtains Down

Evil Deeds

Evil Twin     Има превод

Fack     Има превод

False Flag     Има превод


Farewell Lyrics [2013 year]     Има превод

Fast Lane     Има превод

Fine Line

Fly Away     Има превод

Foolish pride

Forever     Има превод

Forever (Dubstep Remix)     Има превод

Forgive me     Има превод

Forgot about Dre     Има превод

Fubba U Cubba Cubba

Fubba U Cubba Cubba (Freestyle)

Fuckin' backstabber

Gatman and Robbin     Има превод

Get Low

Get Money

Get Money (Freestyle)


Give Me the Ball

Go To Sleep     Има превод


Going Crazy

Going Through Changes     Има превод

Got Some Teeth

Gravity     Има превод

Groundhog Day

Guilty Conscience     Има превод

Guts Over Fear     Има превод

Hail Mary 2003 (Ja Rule Diss)

Hailie's Revenge (ja Rule Diss)

Hailies Song     Има превод

Headlights     Има превод

Hell breaks loose

Hellbound Lyrics


Here Comes The Weekend

Here we go

Heroes     Има превод

Hey Lady

Hip Hop

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Hooker on the Corner     Има превод

Hot Metal

Hurt Locker     Има превод

Hush Is Coming

I Need A Doctor     Има превод

I remember

I'll Hurt You

I'm A Soldier     Има превод

I'm Back

I'm Having A Relapse

I'm Not Afraid (AntiGen Dubstep Remix)     Има превод

I'm Shady

If I Die Young     Има превод

If I Die Young [rmx]

If I Had     Има превод



Intervention     Има превод

Intro     Има превод

Invasion (The Realest)

It's Been Real     Има превод

It's O.K.

It's over

Jealousy Woes II

Jimmy crack corn

Jingle Balls Текст и превод     Има превод

Just Don't Give a Fuck

Just Lose It     Има превод

Just Rhymin Wit Proof

Just the Two of Us

Kill You     Има превод

Kim     Има превод

Kings Never Die     Има превод

Last Kings

Legacy     Има превод

Lighters     Има превод

Like Toy Soldier Текст и превод     Има превод

Like Toy Soldiers     Има превод

Listen To Your Heart

Living PROOF

Lose Yourself     Има превод

Lose Yourself (Dubstep Remix)     Има превод

Love Game

Love Me

Love The Way You Lie     Има превод

Love The Way You Lie

Love The Way You Lie (Part 2)     Има превод

Love The Way You Lie [Dubstep Version]     Има превод

Love you More     Има превод





Marshall Mathers     Има превод



Medicine Ball

Mockingbird     Има превод

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Mosh     Има превод

Mr. Mathers

Murder (Eminem's Re-Up)

Murder Murder

Music box     Има превод

Must be the Ganja

My 1st Single

My Dad's Gone Crazy

My Darling     Има превод

My Fault

My Life     Има превод

My Life

My mom

My Name Is     Има превод

My Only Chance New song 2013

My victory     Има превод

Nail in Coffin

Nail In The Coffin (BENZINO DISS)

Never 2 Far

Never Enough

No Apologies     Има превод

No Love     Има превод

No More To say

No One's Iller Than Me

Not Afraid     Има превод

Not Afraid Текст и превод     Има превод

Numb     Има превод

Nuttin' to do

Off The Wall

Oh No

Old time's sake

On Fire

On Fire

One Day At A Time

One day at a Time [Em's version]

One Shot 2 Shot

Open Mic

Our House

Our House

Parking lot Lyrics (MMLP2)

Patiently Waiting

Paul (skit)

Peep Show


Phenomenal Текст и превод     Има превод

Places to Go


Psychopath Killer

Public Enemy #1

Public Service Announcement

Public Service Announcement 2000

Puke     Има превод

Purple Hills

Pushed Aside     Има превод


Rabbit Run

Rain Man

Rap Game

Rap God     Има превод

Remember Me?


Rhyme Or Reason

Rich As Fuck

Ricky Ticky Toc



Right For Me

Rock Bottom

Rock Bottom Текст и превод     Има превод

Role Model

Roman's Reve

Roman's Revenge

Run Rabbit Run Lyrics

Same Song & Dance     Има превод

Say goodbye

Say Goodbye Hollywood

Say My Name

Say What You Say

Scary Movies


Second Chance

Seduction     Има превод

Session One

Shady 2.0 CYPHER

Shady CXVPHER (Freestyle Mix)

Shady Narcotics     Има превод

Shady XV

Shake That (Remix)

Shake That Ass

Shit hits the fan / BodyGuard

Sing For The Moment     Има превод

Sing For The Moment (Remix)

Smack that     Има превод


So Bad

So Far

So Much Better

Soldier     Има превод

Soldier like me

Space Bound     Има превод

Spend Some Time

Square Dance     Има превод

Stan     Има превод

Stan (Live )

Stay Wide Awake     Има превод

Steve Berman (skit)

Still Don't Give a Fuck     Има превод

Stimulate     Има превод

Stimulate [8 Mile OST Bonus Track]

Stronger     Има превод

Stronger Than I Was     Има превод

Superman     Има превод

Superman (Dillinja remix)     Има превод

Survival     Има превод


Taking my balls     Има превод

Talkin' 2 Myself     Има превод

Tha Sauce Lyrics

That's All She Wrote

The Anthem

The Apple

The Cypher

The Invasion Lyrics

The Kids     Има превод

The Monster     Има превод

The Re-Up

The Real Slim Shady     Има превод

The Souce

The warning

The Way I Am     Има превод

The Way I Am Текст и превод     Има превод

Things Get Worse

Throw It Up

Throw That

Till I Collapse     Има превод

Till I Collapse (filth Dubstep Remix)     Има превод



Tonya (skit)



Touch Down

Turn Me Loose

Twisted     Има превод

Under the Influence


Underground/Ken Kaniff




We Ain't

We ain't scared

We Ain't текст и превод     Има превод

We As Americans

We Made You     Има превод

We're Back

Wee Wee

Welcome To D-Block

Welcome To Detroit City

What Do You Got

What you gonna do

What's The Differencе

When I'm gone     Има превод

When I'm Gone (REMIX)

When the Music Stops

Where I'm At     Има превод

White America     Има превод

Who Knew

Who want it

Wicked Ways

Without me

Without Me     Има превод

Won’t Back Down

Writer's Block

Yellow Brick Road

You Don't Know     Има превод

You're Never Over     Има превод

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